Serbian Association of Bodyguards SAB

Serbian Association of Bodyguards - SAB is an association based upon the experience of the Certified Close Protection Officers who have Serbian and international licenses. In 2011, fulfilling all the requirements, the Association became a full member of the International Protection Training Association IACPO-ICPTA, the World Bodyguard Association whose members are more than thirty countries.

By becoming a member of IACPO-ICPTA, the Association has acquired the right to organize and implement the training for Close Protection Officers. The training program is conducted according to highest world standards established at the global level. All participants who pass the training program become the members of the Serbian Association of Bodyguards and they get an international license.


Basic level course will start at 27.February, 10 h. a.m.

   Law service have started with working in our office

   Law service works in office every day(except saturday and sunday).For more details, write om mail


  • Specialized courses by sectors.
    Whether the workers has to escort money, provid shopping malls, concerts and more, we have ability and qualified people who can meet all kinds of your needs in the area of ​​security.
  • We can adjust all of our courses to your requirements and needs.
  • Also we can modify courses to your profile, agility and strenght.


close protection

Training of handling a firearm - a variety of weapons and training.

2-day basic refresher training.
8-day short, basic training

27-days of training from 1 to 3 degree of personal security.

Each level has a period of 9 days. . The program is organized to introduce the foundation work to advanced work in the formation.


diplomas & certificates

Each of the professional titles that come in the Serbian Association of bodyguards is recognized globally.

What brings you the possession of the certificate

Gaining official diplomas indicate that you have a real, profitable skills and knowledge to get a good paying job.

In relation to colleagues who do not have this proof of his competence, preference in employment or running their own business is large

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